Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There's just something about using indie tracks in commercials that is so... original. And trendy. I'm not sure who did the above commercials, but great visual script. You know, it's something like that that makes you wonder how it was sold. I can only imagine the conversation:

Creative: You know? It's like you're seeing something, but you're not really seeing something.

Mr. Client: (raises eyebrow)

Creative: Or you thought you saw something but it's really something else.

Mr. Client: Are you... on dope?

Original tracks: Honey Tree by The Mostar Diving Club, Together by Rabbit and See You On the Moon by Great Lake Swimmers.

Sometimes we forget. It's the detail that gets people talking. Google the titles and you'll see hundreds of conversations sparked by simple sheer curiosity. What song? Who sings it? Where can I find it? Where are the lyrics?

Every little thing can grow big online, yet how much are we leveraging on that?

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