Monday, June 22, 2009

Visit Malaysia, visit Malacca (our world heritage site).

There've been sparks of nationalism going around these days. Government bashing or ahem, I mean debates are trendy. But I'm considering a more positive way to support my country as part of my responsibility as a Malaysian passport holder (and tax payer). I shall try to share as much about life from this side of our world as possible. These are the textures and tastes, inspiration and intricacy of one out of two of our world heritage sites, Malacca.

And these are my perspectives.

Something about old things looking too new that makes this out of place. But, love the sudden-talent ;)

We are an educated (or civilized) bunch. Consider who this message is intended for. Either 'we' or 'you', the tourists.

I remember it being much tastier when I was really young. And the shop we used to visit, if my memory serves me right, is still there. Over touted perhaps, but sometimes, it's the place they bring you back that's timeless.

The most famous 'ice dessert' for melting days, but not for the faint hearted - Durian Cendol.

Not a fan of the 'King' but, hey, looks good to me.

Fusion of old and new art. And Toon enjoying herself.

Organised chaos.
In absence of Cat, ze German took his place.
The most overlooked texture.

Organised chaos no. 2.

In every city, there is a story of a local hero. A creative rebel.

Vintage but not quite.

Most overlooked texture no. 2.

How technology is picked and chose and for what purpose.

The ideal life.

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