Friday, June 12, 2009

Star versus Sun.

On the Malaysian single mother who abused her Indonesian maid.

Read in The Star, 10/07/09:
'She escaped from the employer's residence in Lanai Kiara Condominium in Mont Kiara with the help of a neighbour at 7.30am on Monday. "I used a steel rod to prise open the front grille and with the help of a neighbour, I took a taxi to the Indonesian Embassy."'

Read in The Sun, same day:
'She had escaped at 1am and hid in bushes until sunrise before seeking the help of a passing taxi driver who sent her to the embassy.'

So was it 1am or 7.30am? Was it the bushes or the neighbour? Was it prying or hiding? But we can definitely be sure of one thing. It was a taxi.

If the media is flawed, then who is responsible for the public actions taken based on inaccurate information? If something so 'seemingly' insignificant is overlooked, then what about bigger stories? What about political news? What about the actual state of our economy? Who do we listen to? So we no longer depend on one source of information but multiple ones. Because the MEDIA in this country is FLAWED. Who would police that? Who will rectify that?