Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honda City's 1st official roadtrip.

Last weekend was our inaugural Honda City Facebook event. It was a long and tedious process in organising it because it was our first time. But I reckon, the return of learning is so much more than what we've initially set out to achieve. The second time will definitely definitely definitely be a whole lot better (just love troubleshooting stuff ;).

Just wondering how many of these branded communities actually provide these sort of experience? The beauty of social media is to have many unintended by-products after every 'stimulation'. We may set out to achieve something which at the end of the day, realize that we couldn't. Instead achieve something else instead. How does managing the client's expectation come into play here? Where traditional media has always been providing black and white figures and ROI. Even internet advertising. But social media? How do you measure experience? How do you corelate experience with sales? With brand equity? Social media is the new 'priming' method, if you ask me. At least at this point of time, it'll be hell hard to measure anything tangible to revenue and profits. Hmm.

Having said all that. Do check out the page for more exciting photos and videos throughout this entire week and perhaps next. We've got some really interesting test drive shots ;)

Heartfelt thanks to VM, Team City and of course the Dentsu team. Appreciate y'all!

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