Monday, June 15, 2009

Use It Better™ - Analytics get interesting.

Thanks ericcsz for the tweet lead :) So far, all the digital agencies which I've been working with depend almost, almost fully on Google Analytics. While I must admit that it's pretty comprehensive but there are certain things which it doesn't tell us. It tells us which links are attractive but doesn't tell us the blind spots. So what caught my attention from Use It Better™ is this:

Mouse movement and mouse-related actions, keyboard events, actual frame rate, movie stage resizing, URL change. Hmm. Provided if the movement is within the Adobe Flash movie. I'm a planner and by no means have any technical expertise on these things but what I understand is, we should have embed-able technologies which give us more insights to user behavior versus content interest (okay, I'm pretty sure Google already has that (somehow)).

Building sites these days are like any new product development. Prior to mass manufacturing, we conduct a hell lot of researches in terms of usability. And we identify areas for improvement (much like what I mentioned a few seconds ago about site 'blind spots'). If a really important content was placed in that deep dark pocket of invisibility, then we lose the user. But your argument could be: "Hey, if it was really that important, then why didn't you smack it up front like a press headline on the page? Or how about making it blink?" Well, yea, technically we could do that but would you create a product that's fully functional but ugly as hell? There.

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