Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Buddies Drinks.

Our monthly drinking session to discuss about green stuff.

Deutsches Haus seems like a green enough place to talk green.

Always the greenie dilemma: Is it okay to eat pork? Or should we all save the pigs and become vegans?

Chris animated with Amirul and his ice lemon tea.

Serious discussion taking place.

Stop judging. Nawwar is cool enough to not care the stares she gets while getting on with the green job just because her ignorant and selfish colleagues (read: us) decide to have beer with roast.

Je je trying to be cute.

While Sue Yin doesn't even need to try.

Burp. Good work everyone.

So we've started the in-house monthly recycling program, green-letters to talk about our initiative and stir awareness of green issues and looking into cost cutting measures in terms of office purchase, in order to be more careful with spending, and spending only on eco-friendly products.

Next up, volunteered by Amirul, we should be cleaning some waterfall somewhere ;)

By the way, the above photos were taken by the Nokia E71. On a totally separate unrelated note, whilst the phone has excellent usability (especially for data usage), the camera is (as you can see) far from average. E series is mostly targeted to business execs with a hell lot of data usage but who says data doesn't come in photo format? Hmm.

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