Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Greatness Guide.

Business strategies this is not. I think some of the aspects of great leadership skills really popped in this one, especially when it comes to self-leadership. Hey, when you can't get a hold of yourself, you can't get a hold of anyone, right? Right.

I was sent to the seminar a couple of weeks ago and I had the impression that it was one which talks about driving profits up the roof, which... is not. But I have to admit I breezed in without the slightest inkling of Robin Sharma except he's a writer with a pretty sizeable promotional budget. And I was nicely surprised because he talks about being a great person. And when you become a great person and you deal with issues in the bud, everything will just fall into place, including those dark clouds of impossibilities and frustrations at your work place. His messages are grounded on pure simple insights of living, with some relevance to being a leader in a professional environment. I'm glad I didn't take down notes because he was pretty much piping snippets from his book (wouldn't want to waste more paper than I should).

The book was simple (but not written in simplicity) and makes a very easy read. 101 ideas on how to improve your life - so he's talking about balance. Between work and play, relationships and personal space, materialism and self-actualization. I must admit though, after awhile, his optimism and enthusiasm is beginning to irk me. Like how can anyone be so optimistic 101% on every single page?! Well, trust Robin, he can. So I'd recommend this book to anyone who needs an uplifting moment or looks for simple strategies to make the most out of their life (who said anything about being easy?).

In a nutshell. I get him. I really do. But, I don't get get him, get it? I'm not feeling it :/

Look for it here!

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