Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cub Prix Malacca.

Compare the Cub Prix race with Super GT. Compare the manner of which the brand is projected, portrayed and received. How do you maintain the sophistication of a global brand without becoming too distant from your market (consider the fine line between aspirational and snobbish)? Reminds me of the grafitti/painting ads of (and almost every other telco)in Kenya. Where branding is simple, straightforward and painted on houses. CI? What CI? Where the distortion of the logo is secondary to presence. But it's still seen as an effective form of advertising. Makes me rethink about sophistication in so many different levels.

The pit.

T'wasn't an easy day as we had to conduct a 300-respondent survey under the hostile sun. But it got me to rethink about the process. The effectiveness, productivity as well as morale. Hmm. But all is good when I came back to this:

Kinda cheers anyone up, doesn't it?

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