Thursday, June 18, 2009

Become a VIP Twitter?

Recruiting followers. Hmm. If it's a personal Twittizen, then it's a popularity contest? If it's a brand... Perhaps the fastest way to seed for a sizeable number before hitting the 'real' followers? The tribe mentality. When something is good, it must have the numbers to show. Does that work the same on FB? Are there FB professional fans? Whom you can recruit to bring up the fan numbers overnight to say 2,000? (Hey, you pay me, I'll be one!) So that the following 2,000 there after are REAL fans? And if you are a real fan, why do you need the prequel numbers to convince you? Isn't that a test of the brand's true strength? And consumer's true loyalty? Where does honesty lie in social media? Everyone knows it's important, but how much can we stretch the truth to make things work? Hmm.

And what's most funny is. THIS IS PURELY SPECULATION, cause I'm not about to become one of the guinea pigs. If I did key in my account, it could be a bug. And it will appear in my twits and FB status with this kind of advertising message: LOOOK now if you want followers! im getting LOTS of them from: Which is what commonly happens when you click on one of those spam links from MSN messages sent to you by your friends who got duped. So. There. Now everyone knows, you want more followers. Hmm.

I think this is a scam.

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