Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to be a (great) planner 101 #1.

Don't ever. EVER. Think you have something which is above the rest. If you resist the driver, BE a driver. If you resist the promoter girls, BE a promoter girl. If you resist the Mat Rempits, BE one of them (just make sure you don't get caught and you did not. I repeat, DID NOT read this from my blog). If you resist the client, run a mile in their shoes. If you hate your supplier, move in with them for a month (which I did, not a month because my 'own house' was on fire... but thanks Slipknot ;) I don't hate you guys so much anymore).

The tip is to be able to relate to almost everything and anything in the world. Because these things give you perspectives. Perspectives give you understanding. And it is this 'understanding' which gives you insights.