Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BMW M3 film.

I could live with 'listening' to this film forever. I'm not so sure about the storyline though cause I hate women being projected in this fashion in car ads. There's definitely some serious sexual tension happening there, okay fine, I can associated that to an M3. Sexual. But not sex. Featuring that lady that way, cheapens her, cheapens the car. Money huh? So who's being picked up now? Gosh.

Anyway, having said that, on a different note. Just you concentrate on the sound and close your eyes. Just listen. You could almost 'see' the muscular force of the machine swelling and surging forward. Your grip tightens, your breathing quickens and at additional pedal force, you reach an orgasmic torque with power that leaves you panting and downshifting in split seconds once again, just to push the beast up again and let it kick you in the sweet spot in your gut one. more. time. And one more. And one more. And one more. Drifting away in sheer ecstasy, upshift, downshift, upshift, downshift. Well, you get the idea.

But visually, this is unappealing. Kinda disappointing. Kinda offensive. Bordering bad taste. Hmm. A thought though - perhaps showing non-facial expressions of the driver instead? Closed up features - tight grip, focused eyes, kneaded brows, beaded sweat on forehead, a swallowing moment of a close call, a forceful but quiet exhale of relief, etc. Seriously. I think it will work a whole lot better. Don't misunderstand, I like girls. But... not in this manner. And definitely, definitely not in a BMW film. I can see that in a Kia Forte Koup or something like that. Woop. Sorry. No offense.

And uh... by the way, she looks a little underaged yea? Tsk tsk tsk.


  1. Looks a little underaged??
    Time for some new glasses, I think....

  2. Time to get out of denial, I think...