Friday, November 6, 2009

Nissan 370z new campaign site.

New campaign site for the 370z. I think it's a cool concept - mysterious thief, heated chase sequence, mind challenges, accompanied by a er... Japanese named chick (hmm... でも。。。ビミオだね). It's all good except I didn't think it quite fit the Fairlady. While I don't think I know enough about cars but I do have some knowledge in brand planning and certainly that image projection of the 370z is disturbing. We're talking about buyers who will be forking out more than three hundred grand for this Japanese version of a Porsche. It certainly lacks that aura that it should carry (or comes with the price tag, as a matter of fact).
But what irks me most is the... PIXELATED CAR(!!). Gosh. Sorry, it. Just. Irks. The. Hell. Out. Of. Me. Please, not any jpgs. Certainly not the 370z.

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