Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Burberry: The art of trench.

Awesome site we love.

Autopsy of details:

- Music volume grows softer and louder depending on content emphasis, bringing in relevant 'live' sounds from the street just to transport users closer to the focal 'object'

- Content organisation is well-structured and simple in navigation - by what is relevant to the art of wearing a trench which makes perfect sense: kind and harsh public sentence, who you are naturally, accessorized or not, different shades for different days, moods and weather. Compare typical fashion classification: Gender, size, colour

- Dispersion capability of content is only two clicks away. Yea, get done away with layers!

- A great example of controlled content versus UGC. Some form of quality in photography needs to be in place yea? Afterall, it's Burberry.

- Single minded message, no frills: One trench, infinite possibilities, real people.

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