Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kenny Shopsin: Eat me.

I bought this from MUJI, Tokyo. Love that shop, love this book. Can't help it, it's all Christmasy and warm (inside not out) here, got to buy something home-y, if you know what I mean.

From the back cover:

Thus speaks Kenny Shopsin, legendary cook and owner of the New York City restaurant Shopsin's. Since it opened nearly forty years ago, Shopsin's has been a downtown institution. A meal there is more than just a meal. Yes, it's a way to eat the most satisfying comfort food possible, from White trash Chicken Hash to Bread Pudding French Toast. But it's also a way to enter a world that barely exists anymore - an old-fashioned salon, where customers interact and the ringmaster, Kenny himself, leads conversations (and arguments) on everything from the best way to raise children to the right way to run a business, from the benefits of Freudian analysis to the nature of friendship. Shopsin's, the restaurant, is all about what Shopsin, the man, considers the two most important things in life: food and people.

If you wanna read more, you got to buy the original one. Or loan it from me. When I'm done. Someday.

Or check out the very cute website.

With a menu that looks like this:

It's packed with rustic goodness, you'll be spoilt for choices for every variety of dishes possible.

That also comes with a 'general' online store that sells awesome awesome creative goods:

Now you know where to drop by when in New York. However, I thought you should know that not everyone who walks into Shopsin gets to be the customer. If you wanna know what I mean. Read the book.

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