Monday, November 2, 2009

New Nissan Global Gallery at Yokohama.

Merchandize gallery for GTR and Nismo freaks.

Plug-in for EVs.

Good stuff strapped in.

Fairlady Z Roadster.

New X-Trail face lift?

Rather boxy.

And plain.

New Murano.

Am liking the details.

New Infiniti FX35.

Sweet booty.

Eye-piercing stare. If you get one of these tailgating you, you may seriously want to consider getting out of its way. With a 5.0l V8 pushing 390hp underneath the hood, it will chew you up.

Am not liking this angle at all. Reminds me of the BMW 1 series. A sedan hood simply slapped with a hatch backside. Not all unpalatable but takes time for digestion I suppose.

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