Monday, November 16, 2009

Can CDs be recycled?

CD's are classed as a mixed plastic, usually defined by a 7, very few recyclers will touch these due to the cost of recycling them into anything worthwhile. Though most local authority recycling centres should have a bin or skip for this type of material. You could always try selling them, either on ebay or amazon though chances are that most CD;s won't be worth much.There's also a new UK company that is offering to buy and refurbish CD's as long as they come with original artwork, they also sell CD's very cheaply too -

Answered by The Book Garden, Yahoo Answers


Another question.

One way to recycle (without dismantle) is to donate your unwanted items OR sell them in the local flea market. How important is it for collectors of these 'unwanted items' to consider sellers' privacy? Even at recycling collection centres, is there a need to retain donors' anonymity? To make it simpler for you - how do you feel about people looking through your personal hygiene products while separating the bottles? If you were balding? And needing special tonic to replenish the withering garden? That comes in a recyclable bottle? You get what I mean? So, would you put extra care in keeping anonymity now?

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