Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson - This is it.

This is it. The final straw that broke the camel's back. Watched the premier last week and it was to me, a movie (or 'concert') that was a cocktail of emotions. MJ was visibly exhausted during some of the rehearsals. In retrospect, there could have been a different outcome if this 'movie' was released as a teaser to his concert. But see, that's another Murphy's Law for you. If he hadn't passed on, this movie will never come about.

I watched in admiration of MJ because of his charisma, his poetry in music that only the truly discerned, talented and passionate could appreciate and because of his humility to others. Always a thank you, always a 'God bless'. I watched in admiration of his dancers who put up such a tough fight against hundreds of others to practice in fervent eagerness in every single rehearsal to phantom audience, giving their all to only one man - Michael Jackson.

This is a truly touching film that I'm sure will touch millions of others. Watch it for the man himself. Watch it for the ingenious creativity put forth by so many individuals to make the performance a benchmark for any other self-proclaimed pop kings and queens of the coming generation. The 'brand' experience was single-minded. It was a concert befitting the King of Pop. It had to be original and groundbreaking. It simply had to wow people. It had to be legendary. If you feel goosebumps while watching the movie, imagine what it would have felt like if it was live.

Please. Go watch it.

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