Thursday, November 12, 2009

本田インターナビ (Honda INTERNAVI).

In conjunction with this year's Tokyo Motorshow, Honda showcased its INTERNAVI in-car navigation system realized by strategic creative execution via digital media, produced by Dentsu Inc.

You can pick between a real time aerial view of a network of lights or a scenic road view on fastforward mode. It's downloadable as screensavers too.

Site design is totally non-obtrusive but engaging (right down to the loading bar - notice that). True to Japanese minimalism with a focus on user experience via sight, sound and touch (that's where the interactive part comes in). Enjoy.

The story goes:

All roads have expressions. The view of what comes and goes. The light, the shadows and the colors of the sky. The feeling of the driver changes dramatically according to the view. INTERNAVI has a 'Scenic Route' function to search a scenic route for you.


Remember. Always always always user experience comes first. Both on and offline.

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