Monday, November 23, 2009

What is Tokyo?

It's essentially a shopping mall bigger than Singapore. The minute you land, the door of your airplane opens you to a world of consumerism that redefines retail experience like never before.

Forget about sightseeing, there's nothing to see in Tokyo. Forget about the museums, if you arrive on Mondays. It's a mall that's made up of international designer brands to proud homegrown ones, mega chains to specialty boutiques. You don't have ten racks to spoil you of choices. You have ten streets. You don't walk, you take trains. Forget about tourists worried of skyhigh room rates, it's the backpackers who realize they don't have enough space to transport everything back in their 25l Karrimor.

Tokyo is one great big mall that entices you with things you never knew you needed, provides you with museum-worthy pieces that could solve problems you never knew bothered you, and rubs off its good looks on you in ways you never knew possible.

Everytime I come here, I go home in debt.

That's Tokyo.

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