Monday, November 9, 2009

Dealer 2.0?

Social media brought people closer (real time), likewise for businesses, it broke certain barriers, creating easier access for customers to channel their likes and dislikes and keep updated with current events and promotions. I guess the question is how brands can leverage on these 'ambassadors' to create a better ownership journey for customers without each working in isolation. While both dealer and brand try to communicate more and better with the public, they must not forget the equally significant communication between them both - which works the same as in any other social media environment - honesty and accountability with the additional 'support' to boot.

In social media, long gone are the days where communication is one way from brand to dealer to customers. It's all zig and zag now. Increased communication = increased chances of confusion. The tricky part is keeping the communication to the customer consistent which should ultimately puts the customer first.

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