Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Engage @ loading.

Time and time again, I get frustrated when people tell me, there is only one way of doing things. In our beloved country where broadband is at snail speed, web designers/agencies/clients/project managers are always sceptical in producing heavy duty web stuff for fear of inducing unnecessary bounce rate due to a 9-month equivalent waiting period for the page to load.

But doesn't that tell us something? Instead of reducing the heavy duty web stuff (which, I don't know... some stories are best told in heavy duty web stuff?), can't we engage users at loading point instead? Why wait till the page has finished loading? We all say 'hello' the minute we pick up calls, don't we?
I don't know if I will wait forever for this. I just think it's kinda cute to watch the origami car inching towards the finishing line in Malaysia's broadband speed. Ganbatte!

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